Offer Your Family a Consistent Education

Family Plans

Save money and get the most for your investment by signing up for a family plan. This plan offers 1.5-hours of instruction per day, 5-days per week each month. Each session will be divided into a 40 minute lesson, a 30 minute problem/answer session, and 20 minutes for wrap up and assigning homework. This is a great program for parents looking to home school their family, or who wish to dedicate time for daily instruction. The monthly package can be used for more than one student, so long as they are from the same household.

We create a plan for the student(s) tailored to the unique educational needs of the family. We plan for your child’s education around the curriculum provided by their school, then break it down for them in defined segments that are easy to comprehend. Any problem areas are addressed, and confidence building exercises are incorporated to promote student improvement. This is also a great option for families who are uncomfortable sending their children for in person academics once the school year opens.

Group Plans


Enrolling your child along with friends is a great way to save money, while increasing your child’s socialization. Unlike the family plans, which are for students within one household, the Group Plans allow for multiple families to enroll as a team. Groups can register for 2 to 5 student classrooms that will be conducted virtually.


Under your online contract, you designate partner families with whom you want to share your educational experience. The cost of the monthly plan is divided among the families, so you only pay a portion of the fee for the session. While this option generates a small online classroom experience, parents get to select which peers are included in this group. The sessions are private for those students.



Under this plan, there is a 40 minute lesson, 30 minutes are designated for problem solving/questions, and the final 20 minutes are used for wrap up and assigning homework. This option offers students the opportunity to interact with a small group of parent-selected peers online, while reducing individual cost to families. Unlike other classroom environments, you get to select the peers sharing your child’s education. You can guide and mentor their socialization. If you do not have a group, you can sign up to meet one via our wait list. We assist families in privately meeting other local Hudson Valley families with similar educational goals.

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