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Our Story

At Zamft Tutoring, we're more than just a tutoring service – we’re partners in a child's educational journey. Founded on the belief that every student has the potential to excel, we strive to provide personalized support that fosters growth, confidence, and a love for learning.

With a team of dedicated and certified teachers as tutors who are passionate about education, we are committed to empowering students to reach their academic goals and beyond. From personalized learning plans to flexible scheduling and proven results, Zamft Tutoring is here to make a difference in your child's education. Join us as we inspire, motivate, and guide students toward a brighter future.

Our Vision

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The Team

Dr. Hy Zamft

Dr. Hy Zamft has a Ph.D. in Education Administration and Supervision from Fordham University. He is the CEO of Zamft Tutoring, LLC. He founded Zamft Tutoring and his wife, Eddi Zamft, in 1993.


For over 30 years, Zamft Tutoring has tutored students grades K-12 in all academic subjects. Since 1997, they have provided Tutoring/Home Instruction for various school districts in Westchester, Rockland, Suffolk, Nassau, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties throughout New York State. 

Kirsten Lopes

Kirsten Lopes is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Zamft Tutoring, LLC. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Dual Master's in Education & Special Education. Kirsten is an NYS Certified Teacher with over 25 years of experience working with students from various age groups, demographics, and students with disabilities. 

In the past ten years, Kirsten has helped Zamft Tutoring become a multi-school district agency and is the direct liaison. Kirsten is also responsible for hiring, scheduling, and managing over 30 NYS Certified Teachers. Tutors. Her passion is to provide all students with a quality education and opportunities to succeed above their expectations and support students and their families as much as possible. 

Eddi Zamft

Eddi Zamft has a B.A. from Brooklyn College in Psychology and Sociology and an M.A. from New York University in Activities Therapy. She is a Certified New York State Teacher in Social Studies. Eddi is the Co-Founder and Administrator of Zamft Tutoring, LLC. 

Eddi, her husband, and Kirsten Lopes, COO of Zamft Tutoring, have been instrumental in transforming the tutoring agency from providing services to a single school district in 1997 to 20 school districts.  

Our Tutors

Every tutor at Zamft Tutoring is a New York State Certified Teacher with at least five years of experience in tutoring. We carefully check our tutors' credentials, experience, and references to make sure they are qualified to provide the outstanding quality of tutoring that is our hallmark. 


Equally important is their commitment to their students and passion for helping young people overcome obstacles and achieve new heights in their schoolwork and test scores. Our tutors love what they do, and their interactions with students are guided by understanding compassion and a drive to encourage and motivate.

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